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“The Secret in the wARTers"

Mathieu JN Baptiste

In “The Secrets in the wARTers” artist Mathieu JN Baptiste explores the beautiful relationship between water and the human mind, body, and spirit and within the bigger social-ecological system consisting of the societal actors and institutions.This series of art is an ode to mental health and water, our most needed resource, the foundation to survival, creation, expression, and regeneration.


The Secrets in the wARTers exhibit allows Mathieu to use ART as the vehicle to explore and question factual stories, healing folklore and sacred knowing, relating to one of our most under-appreciated gifts, WATER How can the painter heal others without access to water? How can water heal the painter withoutaccess to the people? What are the mental complications when water is polluted, neglected, and hoarded from the masses? How does art heal the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritualturmoil? How does water heal the healer and the healing?


This exhibit pays homage to the gift of waters’ ability to treats our stressors and our mental calamities to respite, survival, rebirth, and maintenance for the living, the ancestral and the struggling. How does access to quality water, quality art enhances or destruct our environment,how do these interactions impact community, society, and the environment as a whole? Allow us this space and time to follow art into the depth waters for a refresher on why wARTer is a balm to the soul and our mental health.

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